Chef Nino Graziano and restaurateur Igor Vitoshinsky represent the cuisine of Sicily in the heart of Moscow.

Sicily is the brightest and hottest  spot in all of Italy, and its gastronomy clearly feels the eastern juiciness and spice.

The chef Claudio Pirovano, right hand of Nino in this restaurant, makes fresh pasta, vegetables and selected seafood, Stefano Prosperini bakes real Italian pizza in a wooden oven.

And, of course, not one of Sicilian dinners will be completed without incomparable italian desserts and a real gelato - our ice cream, rightly considered the best in Moscow.

The restaurant is divided into 3 parts: a cafe-pastry at the entrance with high chairs, where you can drink coffee, take desserts to take away; the main hall with a view of the open kitchen; more private hall with fireplace.